pico]OS for AVR

Here you can find information about the porting from pico]OS for the AVR microcontroller architecture. At the moment, only the GNU C compiler (gcc) are supported.

pico]OS may be configure for a wide range of AVR devices. At the moment we only support the MeagAVR 32. But other devices should follow.

For an easy start you can find here some examples.


Before you can run the examples, you have to install gcc for AVR and the standard c lib implementation avr-libc. For Windows user there is the very good distribution WinAVR. Another good source for AVR stuf is http://www.avrfreaks.net/.

For debugging the examples you can use AvrStudio 4

Build pico]OS for AVR

  1. Download the latest distribution and unzip the file.
  2. Change in the root directory of pico]OS.
  3. Type "make PORT=AVR"
  4. Now, in the directory ${picoos-root}/lib/avr/deb should be the library file "picoos.a".